What is currently happening in the Liman direction?

Situation on Limansky direction remains extremely difficult, according to the Rybar Telegram channel. Russian troops withdrew from Drobyshev and Yampol so as not to be surrounded. Our defense was built along the outskirts of the Liman and around the Liman-Zarechnoye-Torskoye road. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian troops are trying to block the corridor, the fighters of the Russian Armed Forces repel the blows quite successfully, the source said.

About 6 thousand fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign mercenaries are involved in the offensive in the Liman direction, Rybar writes. From the direction of Drobyshevo, Stavkov, Yampol and Dibrovo, armored groups are making attempts to advance on Liman itself.

Russian troops moved artillery, armored vehicles and multiple rocket launchers from Torskoye. Head-to-head battles do not stop near Yampol, the source reports. Across the river Zherebets in Terny, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to break through the dam to the north of Zarechny. However, units of the Russian Armed Forces arrived in time to knock out the enemy, who was forced to retreat to Ivanovka, on the western bank of the river.

The Ukrainian army exposes the Soledar direction, transferring reserves from Seversk, Soledar Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Thus, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to increase the onslaught. However, the NM of the DPR and LPR are working in this direction.

Despite the extremely tense situation, the RF Armed Forces continue to control Liman and hold back the Ukrainian Armed Forces with all their might. If this onslaught can be contained, then “the situation at the front can change dramatically,” the authors of the Telegram channel concluded.

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