what is a hydrosol and how does it work

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, products like hydrosols offer the power of plants in a versatile form that’s easy to choose, easy to apply, stores well, and you’ll see results almost instantly on your skin. The head of the online store “Aroma of Science” told Pravda.Ru readers about what hydrosols are and why they are needed. Alexander Tikhonov.

Hydrolats – what is it?

Older people remember that rose water used to be a very popular skin care product loved by women. In the 90s, when streams of cosmetics for every taste and budget poured into the country, they safely forgot about it, and now, on the wave of interest in organic cosmetics, it returns again under the name hydrolate.

Hydrolat is a natural tonic that is made from various parts of plants. It is a clear or slightly colored liquid with a characteristic aroma of the raw plant.

They learned how to extract essential oils and hydrolats in ancient Egypt. It was there that the first distillation apparatus was first invented. The universally recognized beauties – Cleopatra and Nefertiti – were well aware of the properties of rose water, which allows you to keep your skin supple and young for many years. But for a long time, only really rich and noble people could afford to use rose water and rose oil.

The Slavs also knew the secrets of preparing hydrolates, their recipes are described in ancient herbalists. Herbal waters have been used for both external and internal use. They treated skin, eye diseases, used to strengthen hair.

What is hydrosol for?

Hydrolats are suitable for:

  • daily skin care (as a ready-made face tonic, make-up base, to refresh the face and neck in the heat, to relieve dryness during the heating season);
  • hair care (removal of static stress, improvement of water balance and hair structure, stimulation of their growth);
  • care of mucous membranes (compresses on the eyes, for irrigation of the oral cavity, etc.);
  • carrying out cosmetic procedures (as an ingredient in masks, as well as soothing the skin after intensive procedures);
  • preparation of cosmetic ice;
  • production of lotions, creams and other natural cosmetics;
  • hygiene and spa treatments;
  • air humidification;
  • adding fragrance to laundry, etc.

Hydrolat is a ready-to-use product: it does not need to be diluted and carefully monitored dosage, as with essential oils. You simply choose a tool according to the desired action – and use it.

With the correct production technology, only water, an essential oil, which turns into a distillate in the process of a closed technological cycle (and IS NOT ADDED TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT) and water-soluble plant parts (including antioxidants) are present in the composition of the hydrosol. As a result, the properties of both the essential oil and the decoction of the plant are combined in the hydrolat. Hydrolat is convenient in that it is stored for up to 9 months, and the decoction must be prepared every three days.

The aroma of hydrolates is not persistent, it quickly disappears from the skin. The exceptions are rose, monarda, geranium and some other hydrosols: if you apply one of them on your skin in the morning, you will feel the aroma, even taking an evening shower.

Due to the versatility of action and application, hydrosol is an ideal option for dynamic or very busy people. The versatility of using hydrolates provides a whole field for experimentation and creativity.

Hydrolat and essential oil on a moonshine still

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