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Ven mate,

it’s been a year since I first appeared as Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. In my neo-New speech, I warned against me that it was a very difficult year. Our main problem has been high inflation since last summer.

This was a consequence of the economic impact of the covid pandemic, but it was caused by the breeding of the lord of the government, which increased the pace of debt to the ground to a record level and thus helped unleash this historically unmarried dear. This is not a political insult. That is a fact, economists and professional institutions agree on it.

At that time, however, none of us knew that the EU had only a few weeks left to flow to Ukraine. After years, the wolf returned to Europe. And this has very consequences not only for Ukraine and its people, but also for the surrounding country, for Europe and for the whole world.

Russia leads wolves dv. The first is military and now the country of Ukraine. The other is the moral-economic wolf and its target is the countries of the western world. So also the Czech Republic. Russia makes no secret of the fact that it wants to weaken the democratic country, cause them economic sacrifices, incite social problems, disrupt the court people in the state and cause general political instability. In other words: Russia wants to make us weak and therefore sustainable.

In this kind of wolf, Putin’s Russia has two powerful weapons. Today, it is clear that the world food market is systematically trying to disrupt and cause a new migrant wave through grain shortages in Africa and Asia. The second weapon is the dependence of Europe’s importance on its gas and oil. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic is one of the few small countries, the verticality of which is extremely high in this respect.

And it’s not just because we used to be a bite of the Soviet bloc. It is a consequence of the way the lords behaved, especially the lord of Andrei Babie. Driving five years ago, we had about a quarter of the gas from Norway, ie from safe western land.

In the past, the government did nothing to strike these supplies and thus ensure the energy security of the Czech Republic. On the contrary, it allowed us to become one hundred percent gas supply in Putin’s Russia. Whether it was a mistake or a death to judge today.

The consequence of these short-sighted policies is against our households and companies first in these cities. And it’s not just energy prices that haven’t been given yet to suffer a lot from It is a real threat that Russia will turn on the tap in the coming weeks and turn off gas and oil to cause as many problems as possible.

The Czech Republic and its government are thus facing these crucial rounds, which it must meet in order for our country to be able to deal quickly with this fundamental threat of energy dependence on Putin’s Russia.

  1. We need to get enough gas for this winter.
  2. We must move away from Russia as soon as possible and become an energy-sovereign state.
  3. We need to help people and companies to manage the energy prices we have in the coming cities.

We have been working on these rounds practically every day since the arrest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And I would now like to give me at least some brief information on how to do this from these points.

Practically since the end of winter, the Czech government has been very intensively engaged in the supply of gas, which fully fills our reserves. We are in this spn. At present, the domestic capacity of the storage facility is filled with about two tenths, and never in the history of the data have we had so much gas in the storage facilities at this time. And their fulfillment continues.

Therefore, if the crisis occurs in the winter, we will be able, sufficient and long-term to provide supplies to all Czech households. This is good for all of us at first.

However, our republic cannot afford to be 100% dependent on one unreliable supplier. The life of the country must be the energy sovereignty of the Czech Republic. That is why, within the government, we have put together how we want to achieve this energy sovereignty over the next five years.

We took some steps. You have probably noticed that in recent weeks we have launched a summer-free tender for the completion of Dukovany, which will not affect either Russia or Russia. We also agreed on the birth of the TAL oil pipeline, only the Alps leads from the Italian port of Trieste. And we negotiated with Poland to restart the Stork 2 gas pipeline project.

Thanks to intensive negotiations within the EU, we have obtained exemptions from the Czech fuel market. Last week, we managed to get a base in compressed natural gas terminals in the Netherlands. And this week the company EZ announced that from the Russian owners acquired the company koda nuclear engineering, it is a key for our nuclear sector. This reduces our dependence on gas and oil from Russia.

And so we will continue. We need to substantially increase the capacity of the gas and oil pipelines from the countries of the European Union. We need to get put capacity in LNG gas terminals at sea. We must support the construction of emission-free energy sources. We will be the core, but we will also provide massive support for the construction of photovoltaic power plants and we will also support the use of heat pumps.

We want to significantly increase the volume of domestic biogas production. And support investments in energy innovation and so in disputes. It will take a lot of energy and a lot of money. But it is a path that will ultimately pay off for both Czech households and Czech companies. It’s an investment in energy sovereignty.

Ask me often, we just don’t want EZ to sell electricity cheaper when they own it. The answer is simple: in EZ, 30% are owned by private shareholders and they have their interests. While the state has enough energy at affordable prices, the private investor is profit. And these two approaches are now coming into conflict.

But we want to change that. The strategy is for the state to gain control of the entire domestic power plants, ie the production of electricity in the near future. It’s not for this winter. It will be a process, just a while, but we want to be with it as soon as possible.

I repeat once: our main goal must be the energy sovereign Czech Republic. That is, a republic that will be able to produce maximum energy on its own and at affordable prices. And in the case of gas and oil imports, she will be able to decide herself from whom and for how much she will buy.

It is obvious that we will not count the results of these steps immediately. According to our reasonable estimates, this will take at least 2 and 5 years. In the meantime, we will be elite not only the uncertainty of supplies from the entrance, but especially the high prices that result from the current uprisings on Putin’s Russia. Here too mm but for vs good at first.

Even if the state budget is tight, and even if we do not have a debt, so that we do not spread inflation more, we want, as a responsible government, to help households and companies with increased expensive energy. That is why we have prepared and today approved the provision of measures, through which we will release a total of 66 billion crowns from the state budget to help.

Just to remind you that we have so far released more than a hundred billion in the support of those who are most affected by the precious. These are the funds given.

The first new measure, which measures both companies and households, is the abolition of mandatory payments for renewable resources. For households, this means that since the autumn per megawatt of electricity consumed per month and 600 crowns.

The new measure, which was also approved by the government today, is the disputed tariff. This tariff supports households with both electricity and gas payments. The specific bill will depend on how the individual customers have a tariff, as well as on how much gas they consume.

This measure will be automatic, you will not need data about it anywhere. Stt will provide pensions directly to the distribution companies and they will reflect them in their customer invoicing, ie. You can see it directly in the form of their energy reserves, which you pay regularly.

We don’t want to disadvantage anyone. Therefore, in addition to these two main measures, the government will provide another 10 billion crowns for heating plants, which provide central heating in the country. The support will also go to apartment buildings with their own boiler rooms. And he gave support programs to companies as well, he works in the energy sector.

Come on, you know I want to be maximally open. The price of energy, which is expected in the next months, will be an eye for many. The state does not have enough pensions to compensate for this number in full. dn European stt to nedl. But with many steps I’ve changed, let’s not let it fall.

In addition to the salary, in addition to the measures approved today, the opportunity to obtain individual support in the form of a housing allowance for anyone to whom he or she pays for his or her housing one hundredth of his income. But you have to actively enter this door. I ask everyone not to be ashamed to do so. And to find out how and where to get this two.

At the same time, it is good for all applicants that the whole process has managed to be significantly simplified in recent weeks. We make sure that it works better and better, as we promised in our programming. That is why we are preparing an information campaign in the autumn, which will aim to deliver the necessary information about government assistance in the event of expensive energy to all the people who may be affected.

Out of friends, I thought it necessary to go before dark, no summer and many of them will be dedicated to rest and families, so that you have basic information about what the government is preparing in the field of energy. You know that you are worried now, but you are here to offer a helping hand in such an emergency. We know that we are ready for the second half of this difficult year and that we will manage together.

Peji Vm hezk veer!

Petr Fiala
Chairman of the Government R

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