What happened to Nikita Mikhalkov: latest news about the director’s health on January 11, 2023

Nikita Mikhalkov.  Photo by Askhat Bardynov

Nikita Mikhalkov. Photo by Askhat Bardynov

Nikita Mikhalkov the sixth day remains in intensive care. The director is still in critical condition. A day ago, he got worse. The area of ​​damage to the lungs increased, he almost had a heart attack. Latest health news Nikita Sergeevich do not inspire optimism.

Latest news about the state of health of Nikita Mikhalkov on January 11, 2023

Nikita Mikhalkov is in the intensive care unit of the 52nd hospital. The eminent patient experienced a number of complications, including heart problems. Doctors fight for life for days Nikita Sergeevich.

At 77 year old director severe lung damage. He was diagnosed with coronavirus and idiopathic pneumonia. The latest CT scan performed on the director showed disappointing results. In the lungs, there is an increase in the number of affected areas.

“Mikhalkov has atrial fibrillation. Without proper help, he could have developed a heart attack, but this was avoided. After computed tomography of the lungs, Nikita Sergeevich found the growth of affected areas. Compared to previous results, the condition worsened. The doctors diagnosed it as idiopathic pneumonia,” sources said.

Nikita Mikhalkov got in touch from intensive care

A spoon of honey in this barrel of tar was the news from Nikita Mikhalkov. In some unimaginable way, the master from intensive care, where communications are prohibited, managed to leave a message to fans on the blog. Well, or his assistants did it.

Be that as it may, the Russians rejoiced. The director revealed the truth about his condition, breaking the silence for many days.

Mikhalkov assured that many of the terrible details of his illness are actually fiction. However, he confirmed that he was being treated in the hospital. “I continue to undergo examinations and receive the necessary treatment. I remain in the hospital … Now I know exactly how popularity differs from true love! Thank you,” Nikita Sergeevich addressed the public.

Vladimir Putin is following the news about the state of Nikita Mikhalkov

Per Nikita Mikhalkov now not only relatives, colleagues, fans are experiencing. So, Dmitry Peskov admitted that President Vladimir Putin is also following the news about the director.

“What reaction can there be? Only one. Naturally, the president regularly receives information about his state of health, empathizes and wishes a speedy recovery, like all of us,” Peskov admitted.

The latest news about the state of health of Nikita Mikhalkov commented on the doctor

The latest news about the state of health of Nikita Mikhalkov was commented by the famous pulmonologist of the Clinical Center of Sechenov University, doctor of the highest category Alexander Palman. “The vast majority of pneumonias are bacterial. Now we have a classic winter situation: a person fell ill, a few days of high temperature, then it dropped to just above 37 degrees, a couple of weeks pass, and then the second burst of high temperature begins. This is pneumonia,” the expert said. .

He called the possible reasons for getting Mikhalkov in intensive care. “Of course, older people are at risk, which is why patients over 60 have a higher risk of a severe course, which means that it is better for them to carry out not only antiviral, but also anti-pneumococcal vaccination,” he is quoted as saying. site

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