What happened to Nikita Mikhalkov: latest news about the director’s health on January 10, 2023

Nikita Mikhalkov

Nikita Mikhalkov

A photo: Alexey BULATOV

Nikita Mikhalkov the fifth day is in intensive care. Good news about the status of the eminent director on January 10, 2023, fans still cannot wait. But there are bad ones. The master has breathing problems, low saturation, cough. Whether the doctors managed to cope with the artist’s intoxication syndrome is still unclear.

Latest news about the state of health of Nikita Mikhalkov on January 10, 2023

Nikita Mikhalkovhospitalized on January 5, remains in intensive care. “The patient is in the intensive care unit”– leads RIA News hospital spokesman.

The master was hospitalized in the 52nd hospital with suspected coronavirus. Among the possible diagnoses was the flu. However, the coronavirus has now been confirmed.

“Thank God, his temperature subsided, he is conscious and will definitely recover! Everything will be fine!” – Nikolai Burlyaev, a close friend of the artist, has no doubts.

According to him, while Nikita Sergeevich no one is allowed. “This is impossible, I learn from my sources, which I will not disclose, I am very worried about him. But I know that everything is already normal. I think that all relatives are with him there“, – quotes Burlyaev site

Earlier, the details of Mikhalkov’s condition became known. His saturation has fallen, he breathes with the help of oxygen.

The latest news about the state of health of Nikita Mikhalkov was commented by an immunologist and therapist Irina Yartseva. So, according to the doctor, covid was not the main reason for Mikhalkov’s hospitalization.

77 year old director is under round-the-clock medical supervision. “I doubt that it was Mikhalkov’s covid that caused hospitalization. The virus is no different from another SARS or flu. It, like any other disease, can cause complications in the weakened body in the form of pneumonia“, – quotes the words of an expert

Despite the fact that the specialist did not see the artist’s medical record, she is confident in her conclusions, because she relies on facts. Recently, Mikhalkov could not boast of excellent health. The director has long been worried about his sore leg, which he injured many years ago, but could not cure to the end.

In recent years, the filmmaker has undergone seven complex operations and spent a total of more than 39 hours under anesthesia. According to the immunologist, this only indicates that the director was not healthy and belongs to a weakened group.

“And he was diagnosed with covid so late because he did not have such a classic course of the disease. Even a covid, even a banal cold will affect such a person heavily and cause various complications.“, – concluded the doctor, commenting on the latest news about the condition Nikita Mikhalkov.

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