What happened to Carlos Guerrero, the Magaly Medina reporter that Gisela Valcárcel mistreated

Carlos Guerrero was confronted by Gisela Valcárcel and Javier Carmona in 2007. (ATV)
Carlos Guerrero was confronted by Gisela Valcárcel and Javier Carmona in 2007. (ATV)

Gisela Valcarcel is being the target of criticism due to the controversial images that he spread Magaly Medina in her show program, where she is seen mistreating a photographer from the magazine ‘Magaly TeVe‘ in 2007. The ‘little lady‘ he brought out in the press man’s face that he could “eat” and “bring bread to his table” thanks to his television career.

According to medinathis behavior is typical in the conductor of ‘The big show‘. “This speaks of a dark, arrogant soul, puffed up by power and fame. She is a rotten diva, ”he said this last Monday, October 3. After that, he assured that Gisela took it out on charles warriorhis then reporter, because he was one of the shyest of his team.

As recorded, the photographer was cornered by Gisela Valcarcel Y Javier Carmonawho was her husband. The blonde presenter claimed that he had recorded her without her consent, she accused him of having attended the event while intoxicated and she even tried to take the camera from him by force. Warrior ended up being intervened by police officers and taken to the police station.

Gisela Valcárcel treated Magaly Medina's photographer badly.  (ATVs)
Gisela Valcárcel treated Magaly Medina’s photographer badly. (ATVs)

After the incident with Gisela Valcarcelthe photographer charles warrior was involved in a serious legal problem with the footballer Paolo Guerrero at the end of 2007. This reporter was the one who photographed the then forward of the Peruvian National Team leaving the Fridays restaurant together with Fiorella Chirichigno. The images were said to have been taken late at night.

This ‘uncovering’ put the ‘predator‘ because the next day the match between Peru vs. Brazil, so it was mandatory for the athlete to be in concentration preparing. Nevertheless, Warrior He denied Magaly and assured that he had returned early, around 8:00 p.m., and with technical permission.

Carlos Guerrero indicated that Paolo Guerrero left the restaurant at dawn.  He was unable to prove said information because his camera was "ill-fated".
Carlos Guerrero indicated that Paolo Guerrero left the restaurant at dawn. He was unable to prove this information because his camera was “broken”.

Magaly Medina She believed her photographer’s version and was denounced for the crime of aggravated defamation, to later be sentenced to five months in prison and transferred to the Santa Monica prison. Ney Guerrero, his then-producer, was also sentenced to spend three months behind bars. The photographer continued to work for the magazine and never spoke to the press.

Recently, the current presenter of ‘Magaly TV, La Firma‘ indicated that charles warrior he continues to work as a photographer, but in the written press. He did not give more details about his whereabouts, or what kind of relationship they have today.

Like Gisela Valcarcel, medina He also starred in a tense moment with a reporter from the late program ‘women on top‘. The press man questioned the ‘Magpie‘ for not being incisive enough with Milett Figuera and Guty Carrera, who appeared on their show ‘Magaly‘ from Latina TV in 2014.

“Why didn’t you ask Milett the necessary questions?” Manuel Paz-Soldan, better known as the ‘Chinese’. Medina responded sarcastically: “When you have your TV show, there you do them”. After that, he got into a truck and left the place without saying more.

“La Farisela is not the only one. This is how it was when she was in Latina with the ATV journalists, so if we are going to remember, she left this here, ”he wrote Rodrigo Gonzalez on Twitter, thus becoming involved in the confrontation between the entertainment journalist and Gisela Valcarcel.

Magaly Medina made a tremendous rudeness to the reporter | atvs


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