What famous artists spend their pensions on: Pugacheva gives an allowance to a fan, and Leshchenko transfers it to an orphanage

The Pension Fund transfers about 50 thousand rubles to Pugacheva every month.

The Pension Fund transfers about 50 thousand rubles to Pugacheva every month.

A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

It is generally accepted that the stars, like cheese in butter, ride in millions of fees. That’s true, but with the advent of retirement age, VIPs sometimes also face harsh reality – sometimes artists’ pensions are not much more than ordinary citizens. And sometimes even less.

For example, 73-year-old actor Yuri Chernov does not complain about the amount of his pension. Like, the salary in the theater “School of the modern play” saves.

– I have a pension somewhere a little more than 20 thousand rubles. Plus an increase for the title of people’s artist – 30 thousand rubles. There is enough money, after all, an artist in demand in the theater, Chernov tells KP.

The Pension Fund allocates about 50 thousand rubles a month to Alla Pugacheva. Yuri Antonov has the same pension.

– Alla Borisovna does not see this money, she transfers the pension to her disabled fan, – says the director of the star, Elena Chuprakova.

Volochkova is suing the Bolshoi Theater

The 46-year-old ballerina Anastasia Volochkova should have a pension of about 12 thousand rubles. Upon reaching the average retirement age, of course, it will increase significantly, since it will include Moscow allowances and payments that honored and people’s artists receive. However, Volochkova has not been able to draw up a pension that is due to her by law for five years.

– I have not danced at the Bolshoi Theater since 2003. Well, you all remember those courts when they claimed that I was “big and fat,” says the ballerina. – I then won the court, I was registered in the theater according to the documents, but they did not give me any work. I recently found out that all these years I was listed in the Bolshoi as a maternity leave. Although my daughter Ariadne is already 16 years old!

Now I want to get a well-deserved pension through the court. Ballet dancers retire at 38, after 15 years of service. At the Bolshoi Theater, they gave me a work book with difficulty, but the examination showed that it was a fake document. There even the serial number of the book is fake. That’s why I can’t get my pension yet. Do you know what answer my lawyer at the Bolshoi received? “You first prove that Anastasia Volochkova was not the thirty-second swan in the corps de ballet, but that she was a soloist.” The whole country can prove this that I did not stand in the corps de ballet, but was the prima ballerina of this theater, ”Volochkova complained.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze was also credited with a little more than 12 thousand rubles of ballet pension. True, the artist does not withdraw this money from the card.

– These are my coffins. Let them lie, – Tsiskaridze jokes.

A little more pension than Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev. But not much. In total, “Casanova” was credited with about 55 thousand rubles.

Safronov shares with students

But the 56-year-old singer Anastasia was completely left without pension payments.

– I worked in many theaters: in the Durov Animal Theater, in the Moscow Drama Theatre, deductions are made to the Pension Fund from each of my performances. I have a decent record, but I was refused a pension because my work book burned down during a fire. And in theaters, alas, the archives were not preserved. Now I will seek at least the minimum pension through the courts, – says the star of the 90s.

The artist Nikas Safronov, thanks to his titles, has an allowance of 30 thousand rubles and receives a total of about 55 thousand rubles a month.

– I give pension to my students. They are young, unsettled people, they need help,” the 66-year-old artist tells KP. – In general, I think that artists should be deprived of pensions. We have money, but ordinary people – doctors, teachers, miners – any penny to help. They must receive a decent income. Well, why do I or Alla Pugacheva need a pension? We can easily live without it, we don’t need it. I think famous people should unite and donate their pensions to good causes.

This is actually what Vladimir Vinokur and Lev Leshchenko are already doing with their pensions. Vinokur receives, taking into account the titles, a total of about 50 thousand rubles. Leshchenko as a full cavalier of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” – 20 thousand rubles more. And they donate all their pension savings to an orphanage in Kursk.

Lev Valerianovich takes care of children from an orphanage in the Kursk region.

Lev Valerianovich takes care of children from an orphanage in the Kursk region.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

“Volodya and I don’t even look at our pensions, every month we send help to the kids in the orphanage,” Lev Leshchenko tells KP. – Our pupils live in Peny, a small village 50 kilometers from Kursk. We bought new cribs, lockers, computers for the children. They are already a second family to us.

But for Ilya Reznik, a pension is very important, because, apart from royalties for hits, the 84-year-old poet has no other income.

– This month, Ilya Rakhmielevich received a pension of 22,974 rubles. Plus another 3,481 rubles – an allowance for age. And 500 rubles – like a blockade. The same amount for the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, IV degree, sighs the wife of the poet Irina Reznik. – Last year, Ilya received another order, but already of the III degree. For the third degree, they said that a surcharge of about 28 thousand was due. It took a long time to find out at the MFC. at the FIU. Then they refused. They said: in order to receive an allowance for the state award, it is necessary to close the IP. And how to get copyright for songs and books? And how to conclude contracts for participation in concerts? Well, every month Ilya receives 30 thousand rubles for the title of people’s artist. Of course, we do not have enough money, but friends help.


The smallest – at Lolita

Singer Lolita has more than 35 years of work experience, but she cannot document it, since she worked in Ukraine for half of this time, and she does not have the title of people’s or honored artist. So she was assigned the most minimal pension.

– Taking into account Moscow allowances, I have now received 23 thousand 333 rubles, – Lolita tells KP. – The pension is small, but I’m not offended, because this money is not accrued on the basis of people’s love. The pension is calculated based on the taxes you paid. Therefore, by our standards, I have a solid pension. If earlier a pensioner is necessarily the one who sits on a bench in the yard, now a pensioner is a young, healthy, strong citizen who is quite able to provide for himself.

If you feel strong in yourself, if your health allows you, then you do not feel like a pensioner. If you do not have the strength, then at thirty you may well feel like a decrepit old man. I couldn’t get my pension. Now I am quite satisfied that for one of the properties that I own, I can choose not to pay property tax. I think my pension will increase. Because I pay a lot of taxes.

To be honest, I have never looked at the pension card that I received from Sberbank. Let it accumulate.

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