What did the heads of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Belarus agree on?

Moscow and Minsk need to take urgent action to bolster their military capabilities in the face of an undeclared war from the West, Russian Defense Minister says Sergei Shoigu after meeting with a colleague from Belarus Viktor Khrenin.

“Belarus is our most important strategic partner, closest friend and ally,” Shoigu said. “Circumstances dictate the need for urgent measures to strengthen the defense capability of the Union State, including strengthening the integrated air defense system. Moscow is ready to provide any support Minsk may need.”

The Russian defense minister also praised Belarus’ determination to “oppose the confrontational course of the United States and its allies” and invited Khrenin and a delegation from Minsk to the upcoming Moscow Security Conference and the International Army Games.

“Russia will share best practices and other interesting discoveries with its allies,” Shoigu said.

Belarus is not officially involved in the conflict in Ukraine, but the US and its allies have nonetheless imposed a series of embargoes on Minsk.

Recall that Moscow and Minsk signed an agreement on Union State in 1999. The document provides for the creation of a joint parliament, courts and other institutions. Although integration has not progressed very far, the countries intend to continue the implementation of the agreements.

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