What awaits the Russians who condemned the SVO at the entrance to Latvia, the political scientist explained

When entering Latvia, Russians are required to condemn the special operation in Ukraine in writing. Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the Moscow State Pedagogical University Vladimir Shapovalov in an interview with Pravda.Ru spoke about this practice.

Shapovalov stressed that Latvia’s actions do not fall under any notion of a democratic and legal state and are a violation of norms and standards accepted throughout the world.

“Those actions that Latvia is now carrying out, in fact, together with Lithuania, are the leader in violating the rights of Russians, in discrediting, in policies that are in conflict with the norms and principles of the declaration of human rights,” the political scientist expressed his opinion.

He called the actions of the Latvian authorities unlawful.

“The Russian Federation should, at the diplomatic level, at least draw the attention of both international organizations and the Latvian state to the inadmissibility of such actions that violate the rights of Russian citizens,” Shapovalov said.

Just a trip to Latvia, according to the political scientist, will not bear any consequences for the citizens of the Russian Federation, however, for those Russians who participate in the anti-Russian campaign, inevitable legal consequences will come in discrediting the Russian armed forces.

“And in this case, those of our fellow citizens who allow themselves anti-Russian attacks, including if they are, for example, on the territory of Latvia, and then return to Russia, they should perfectly understand the full extent of the consequences of their actions that they committed,” explained Shapovalov.

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