What are the discounts on the predial payment during January 2023

People may consider a higher discount during January.  (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
People may consider a higher discount during January. (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Once again, the government led by Claudia Sheinbaum will give a discount on the property tax payment and mainly in favor of vulnerable groups, who will be able to make the disbursement with a benefit during January and February.

According to the Ministry of Administration and Finance (SAF), the reductions will also be given in the payment of water and vehicle ownership for those who comply in a timely manner with one of these obligations.

In this sense, the government of Mexico City through the SAF announced that a series of facilities is being applied to people since January 1, 2023 and below we will remember who they are and what are the steps to make the payment.

*Discount of up to 8% for all people in general who pay during this month.

*5% discount for all citizens who decide to apply the refund in February.

* A bimonthly fixed fee payment of 58 pesos will be considered for vulnerable people, and as long as the property for residential use does not exceed 2 million 432 thousand 573 pesos.

*Discount of up to 30% also for vulnerable groups, but who have a property that exceeds 2 million 432 thousand 573 pesos.

It will be necessary to remember that vulnerable people are considered to be older adults without a fixed income and with limited resources, single mothers, separated women, divorcees, heads of household, widows, surviving spouses of the owner, orphans, pensioners, retirees or pensioners due to work risks and disability, as well as people with permanent disabilities and people over 59 years of age.

What is the discount on water?

*This is a 50% reduction in the bimonthly quota for water supply to property owners belonging to vulnerable groups.

And the possession?

Regarding ownership, the discount will be 100% for citizens whose vehicle does not exceed 250,000 pesos, VAT included and once the depreciation factor has been applied.

However, to receive this discount benefit, motorists will have to cover the payment of the endorsement, which according to the CDMX Fiscal Code is 658 pesos.

In addition, the disbursement in this case must be made from this month and until March 31, 2023 as the deadline. Nor should they have possession debts from previous years and they will have to have a current chip circulation card or make the payment corresponding to the renewal.

How to make payments?

In any of the above cases, citizens may make the payment at treasury kiosks, department stores, banks, and convenience stores. These are more than 8,800 collection points that consider the promotion of months without interest when paying with participating credit cards.

It can also be developed through the CDMX Treasury mobile application, or the page of the Ministry of Administration and Finance that can be found at the following link. Here


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