Western media threw a tantrum after the pro-Russian rallies in Belgrade

Now the “world toad” is waging the same pogrom campaign against the Serbs.  Photo: Pavel Bushuev/TASS

Now the “world toad” is waging the same pogrom campaign against the Serbs. Photo: Pavel Bushuev/TASS

Russian philosopher Konstantin Krylov coined the phrase “world toad”. This term refers to the informal unity of a variety of Western people and organizations on issues of principle to them.

For example, there is a British prime minister Liz Trussthere is an ex-president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaiteis serving the last months in the chair of the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. They are from different countries, they have different dresses, they can even argue with each other over certain particulars. But in the main – from gay parades to anti-Russian sanctions – they are touchingly monolithic.

And along with them, in each of the respective countries, thousands, and maybe tens of thousands of all kinds of entities demonstrate the same unanimity: “democratic” media, “progressive” activists, “independent” bloggers – as well as the “non-governmental organizations” that take care of them all. .

Such an Empire of Unanimity is possible only under a totalitarian system, which is the current West, and it is very reminiscent of the USSR. Only not victorious Stalinist, but rotten Khrushchev’s, with pogrom campaigns and “collective letters of condemnation from ordinary workers” against Pasternak, Brodsky and other Russian geniuses.

Now the “world toad” is waging the same pogrom campaign against the Serbs. If anyone has forgotten, for the last thirty years the West has been bombarding this land with depleted uranium shells, arranged “humanitarian bombings”, dismembered both the country itself – the former Greater Yugoslavia – and its inhabitants (see the case of black transplantation in terrorist camps in Kosovo) – so, that even Yeltsin’s Russia, drunk on liberalism, timidly raised its voice: “But what are you doing?”

Therefore, the Serbs may not have bread, but they have convictions. After February 2022, thousands of demonstrations in support of Russian brothers take place in Belgrade and other cities almost every month. At the last one, in September, they unfurled the largest Russian flag in the world – half a kilometer long.

Among the organizers of the rallies is the Serbian public movement “People’s Patrol”. If you are an activist of liberal views, drowning for a gay parade and joining the EU, then you will immediately be given an envelope with dollars through Western “funds for democracy” (I’m not kidding); but, unlike them, the “People’s Patrol” is a grassroots project, without a penny of money, without a tribune in the media, without the support of officials.

Yes, and it arose spontaneously, to patrol residential areas where crime increased after Serbia was unlucky enough to be in the middle of the “Balkan route” for the delivery of migrants from the Middle East to Europe. Hence the name.

And now – just excerpts from non-polite media.

Serbian the ultra-right (this is about the “People’s Patrol” – ed.) with the help of the Kremlin are shaking the situation in the Balkans … Yes, we saw those activists; they answered the words about “support from Russia” as in that joke: “where can I get my share?”.

Or here is an article in an authoritative Balkan weekly “Time”; do not be embarrassed by seemingly local origins – all major media in the region either directly belong to Western media holdings, or obediently follow the party line:

“People’s Patrol painted graffiti in Belgrade in honor of Daria Dugina: another act of solidarity with Russian aggression.” (That’s it, it turns out; honoring the memory of a girl-philosopher, who was killed by terrorists at the age of 29 for her patriotic views, is now a crime.)

Or here. The media is different – even British itself Guardian – but the manual is the same: “Serbian far-right support the Russian invasion.” And a whole revealing strip about one of the leaders of the “People’s Patrol”, Damnyan Knezhevich: “The enemy of democracy, an agent of the Kremlin, gave interviews to RT and KP.RU.”

Needless to say, such publications made the “People’s Patrol” a good advertisement among ordinary Serbs: if the “world toad” itself spits newspaper poison, then there is definitely something in these patriotic guys. And each new pro-Russian rally of “people’s patrol” gathers almost more people than the previous one. Moreover, unlike the Belgrade gay parade, such events cannot be promoted in the major media.

So today Damnyan Knedevich is a real hero, like the Serbs who fought against the superior Austro-Hungarian army in the First World War. He is considered an enemy by Serbian pro-Western officials; he is rinsed in the liberal media, and all the “Kremlin support” is limited to a couple of interviews in the already mentioned Russian media.

But that is why the world toad and hysteria. He understands that this is not some paid activism, but the real voice of the people. And when the truth is behind you (a Russian word that cannot even be translated into English), then you are not afraid of any overseas amphibian.

And those friends who take to European streets for you, risking reprisals, are worth thousands of “rallies against Russian aggression”, where rainbow activists are driven according to the order.

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