West opens second front against Russia in Serbia – military commander Sladkov

The aggravation of the situation on the border of Serbia and Kosovo may mean the opening by the West of a second front against Russia. The West has probably decided to shift the focus from Ukraine to Serbia, which is playing independence. This opinion was expressed by a war correspondent Alexander Sladkov.

The journalist believes that Ukraine “left Russia for parts”.

Although there is another version, he noted in his Telegram channel. Serbia decided to hit the Kosovo Albanians itself, which is also not bad, the reporter added.

According to him, it will be Russian help.

“And one more of our presence in Europe is planned, in Serbia and Kosovo, and why not? Now we are waiting for the movement from the Chinese. Isn’t it time for them to disturb Taiwan?” asked the military commander.

Tonight there were reports of clashes between the army of Serbia and Kosovo. Later, the Serbian Ministry of Defense denied this information. However, the situation in the region is actively heating up.

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