West and Russia must avoid nuclear strikes – political scientist

The West should start talks with Russia over a settlement Ukrainian conflictto prevent a nuclear exchange. This opinion was expressed by an American political scientist Harry Kazianis.

In an article for publication Responsible Statecraft he noted that US representatives need to resume communication with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. According to him, the West should remember its own national interests and prevent nuclear escalation.

The expert recalled that Moscow has an arsenal of 6.4 thousand nuclear warheads. The political scientist stressed that Moscow can use these reserves to end the Ukrainian conflict on its own terms.

“The risk of nuclear war is increasing every day,” says Kazianis.

He also added that without the help of Western countries, Ukraine would not be able to carry out counterattacks. As the expert explained, Kyiv’s needs for the supply of military equipment will only grow. This creates a dangerous situation for the States, the expert concluded.

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