Weather in Santo Domingo: temperature and probability of rain for this October 5

Weather forecasts, based on observation and mathematical modelshelp predict the state of the atmosphere at a given time and location based on various relationships such as temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, or wind.

Weather forecasts are exercises that have been carried out for hundreds of years, even before the Christian era, basing themselves basically on the observation of cloud patterns, the wind, the time of year, although initially these they were inaccurate.

It was not until the arrival of new technologies (such as computers) that mathematical models began to be put into operation that made it possible to achieve more accurate predictions, becoming a fundamental factor for the transportation (land, sea or air), agriculture, tourism, disaster prevention, public health and even military operationsthis beyond deciding whether or not to carry an umbrella or what outfits to put on.

Below is the weather status for the next few hours in Santo Domingo:

During the day temperature will reach a maximum of 31 degrees, the chance of rain It will be 58%, with a cloudiness of 41%, while the wind gusts will reach 30 kilometers per hour.

As for UV rays, they are expected to reach a level of up to 9.

For the night, temperature will reach 23 degrees, while the probability of precipitation It will be 40%, with a cloud cover of 47%, while the wind gusts will be 30 kilometers per hour during the day.

Santo Domingo is the capital city of the Dominican Republiclocated in the Caribbean Sea in the south of the Central American country.

Being in the Caribbean, the climate in Santo Domingo is mainly tropicalHowever, the tropical trade winds, as well as the nearby mountainous areas, help mitigate the heat and humidity in the region.

The hottest months are between July and September, while the months with the lowest temperatures They are December and January.

As for the rains the rainy season in Santo Domingo it is from May to April, while the driest months They are between January and April.

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The weather in the Dominican Republic

Being a Caribbean country, The Dominican Republic has a predominantly tropical climate, with abundant rainfall and an average temperature of between 25 degrees and 30 degrees..

The rainy season begins in May and ends in November, with the months of May, August and September reporting the most torrential rainfall in Dominican lands.

Despite being a tropical country, there are regions, mainly in high areas such as Constanza, Jarabacoa and Ocoa, where the temperature can drop considerably in winter, dropping to -5 degrees in winter.

The Dominican Republic is prone to hurricanes and, on average, one occurs every seven or eight years, as well as a tropical storm every four years, not counting floods.


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