Weapons sent by Finland to Ukraine returned to Finnish bandits

Finland gave Ukraine weapons in the form of aid, but it ended up in the hands of the mafia.

Finland gave Ukraine weapons in the form of aid, but it ended up in the hands of the mafia.

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This has long been expected. The National Bureau of Investigation of Finland stated that weapons sent by Western countries, including Finland itself, as aid to Ukraine, fell into the hands of organized crime. And not in Ukraine, but in Finland itself. At the same time, it nevertheless reached Ukraine, but it was plundered there, repurchased and returned to local criminals. The Finnish police were able to track him down.

Moreover, it is not only about the country of Suomi. As the commissioner of the criminal police Christer Ahlgren told journalists of the largest Finnish media Yle, weapons delivered to Ukraine and smuggled out of it were also found in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. We are talking about assault rifles, pistols, ammunition and even UAVs. There are also more serious weapons, but information about them is classified, and therefore journalists are not told about them. But it is quite possible to assume that the list of smuggling includes heavy machine guns, ATGMs and even MANPADS.

– Ukraine was armed in huge quantities, and that’s good. But we will deal with these weapons for decades and pay for it in our homes, the police commissioner is sure. “We have a lot of intelligence that criminal organizations are very interested in supplying weapons to Ukraine. There are already well-established routes for the delivery of weapons to Europe.

“In Finland, there are three of the world’s largest motorcycle gangs, which are an international criminal organization,” Algren calls the current owners of smuggled weapons. – One of them is “Bandidos”, which has a branch in every major city of Ukraine.

According to him, a well-established network of caches filled with smuggled weapons is already functioning in the border regions of Ukraine. Where do smugglers deliver weapons to customers.

However, ordinary bandits are not the most terrible owners of criminal weapons. Much worse if the same MANPADS fall into the hands of Islamist radicals. In this case, civil air traffic over Europe will have to be stopped, based on a violation of the flight safety regime. But Russia warned not even about the likelihood, but about the inevitable consequences of just such an unrestrained and insane pumping of weapons in Kyiv. Russian experts drew attention to the criminal nature of the current Ukrainian government, which will definitely try to extract criminal proceeds from the supply of Western weapons. that criminals can get access to weapons supplied to Kyiv and to the black market for weapons, including powerful weapons.

And it is no coincidence that even in the United States from time to time in the mainstream media there is an interest in this topic. Again, the Associated Press recently wondered why there was so little specificity in the publicized plan of the State Department to combat arms smuggling from Ukraine. The Biden administration is constantly faced with requests from Congress about how the White House is accountable for weapons sent to Ukraine, but avoids detailed reporting in every possible way. The White House’s explanation lacks originality – specific information is not disclosed “due to concerns about the state of the conflict and concerns that this could lead potential smugglers to seek evasive methods.”

However, as evidenced by the same Finnish police, smugglers are not very concerned about “search for methods of evasion” and have developed uninterrupted delivery. Rather, the White House’s subterfuge is reluctant to give specific numbers, because not only members of Zelensky’s team, but also high-ranking officials from Washington are tied up in the black market arms trade scam. It is not for nothing that the Republicans promised, if they win the congressional elections, to reveal after it all the machinations of Biden. And in this area too.

Let’s wait for “wonderful discoveries”.

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