We will change social plans for real work

Marcelo Peretta is a pre-candidate for Buenos Aires head of government for Together for Change
Marcelo Peretta is a pre-candidate for Buenos Aires head of government for Together for Change

This year we will win the elections “politically incorrect”Those of us who say no to ease and welcome to effort.

Political demagogy destroyed the culture of work. The proliferation of subsidies and social plans it enslaved several generations of Argentines who prefer to be poor instead of striving for a better future.

Beside Patricia Bullrich Y Miguel Pichetto We promote a work model that will restore dignity to the “planeros”, because they will have the opportunity to recover the freedom of a genuine job.

The compensation is not lost, it is replaced by unemployment insurance paid by the employer.

We will recover the will to produce, to get up to go to work instead of staying at home waiting for a subsidy. We will change plans for work, lowering taxes, facilitating authorizations for businesses and companies, and reducing workloads for those who hire more staff.

We are going to allow the payment of social charges on account of VAT and Earnings, to empower small and medium-sized companies.

We will change an anachronistic model of unions who stop modernization and cling to archaic perks, and rich companies with slave workers, on the other with unions that promote genuine work, not subsidy; dignity, not alms; freedom, not the only one; transparency, not the mafia, and companies that are dedicated to production, not to business with the State.

Corporate (fat) unionism, which prevents labor modernization, is no more with us. Are the “skinny” unionsdue to its small number of affiliates, who claim the culture of work and effort, as the only way to progress, which will generate the work the country needs and reduce social plans that multiply poverty.

With us ends the policy that protects (and fattens) unionists and conservative businessmen, where “workers make work and employers make pay”, which leaves 6 million employees black and promotes 10 million plans social without compensation.

We are going to get out of the permanent subsidy, with the labor registration that will produce recognition of the new union associations, representative of delivery, technology, health, professionals, and other activities that are orphaned today.

We are going to modernize labor agreements between small business chambers and skinny unions, without taking away rights, but stimulating more production and more work, because we come out of this producing and working.

Protests and demonstrations are a constitutional right, but they will no longer affect free movement or the rights of third parties, and taking a public building will be paid for with jail.

Far from dividing unionism, we will strengthen union strength, without abuse or corruption. A strong union with closed companies is useless, nor million-dollar companies with slave workers. We will articulate the needs of employers and workers, as in the CTE (Confederation of Workers and Employers), modernizing agreements and simplifying the registration and cancellation of registration.

It has to be clear that unions and social organizations are the opposite: while one needs registered workers to grow, the other grows with unemployment, non-registration and poverty.

We are going to end the politics of misery and the politicians who use the poor to win elections and increase poverty to maintain their power.

The true worker does not want more subsidy or be equally poor, he wants to differentiate himself, buy his house, his car and go on vacation, but today it is more profitable to live on subsidy than work.

The social plans will last six months and will be converted into formal employment. The company that hires subsidized workers will complete the salary up to the floor set for the activity and thus we will reestablish the work culture.

A year ago I toured the City to bring “my remedies” to the people of Buenos Aires. I have ideas, equipment and I promise “effort” to start over.

With me: yes to the culture of work, no to the culture of poverty; yes to the worker, no to the one who gets paid without working; yes to the demonstration and the protest, no to the blockade and the mob; yes to the CTE and the “skinny” unions, no to the old business union model; yes to lower taxes, no to political spending; yes to say what we think, no to the dictatorship of the “politically correct”; yes to hawks, no to doves.

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