“We remember the dedication of people who came to Altai to raise virgin soil”

Photo: Press Service of the Government of the Altai Territory

Photo: Press Service of the Government of the Altai Territory

Altai Krai was formed on September 28, 1937. To the residents, natives of the region Governor Viktor Tomenko sent congratulations to:

“Dear friends!

I heartily congratulate you on the 85th anniversary of the Altai Territory!

In a large family of Russian regions, the Altai Territory is unique and unrepeatable. From all over the country, people come here with pleasure to relax and recharge with positive energy. Guests admire the beautiful nature, history and original culture, our hospitality.

For many years, the Altai Territory has rightly been called the health resort and breadbasket of Russia. Such fame was created for him by the people living here – courageous, strong, talented. The names of many natives of the Altai Territory, including Vasily Shukshin, German Titov, Mikhail Kalashnikov, are known throughout Russia and are its symbols.

The history of the region began much earlier than 1937, when the region received its modern name and borders. We cherish the memory of the development of mining, the development of agriculture and trade. We pay tribute to the first settlers who knew how to overcome difficulties. We bow before the courage of our front-line soldiers and those who during the years of the Great Patriotic War accomplished labor feats in the rear. We remember the dedication of the people who came to Altai to raise the virgin lands and create the first industrial enterprises. People living today in the Altai Territory are worthy of their predecessors.

Our region continues to make a significant contribution to domestic industry and agriculture, and is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. A modern economy is being formed in the region, the construction of schools, hospitals and sports complexes continues, and all the necessary infrastructure is being developed.

People in the Altai Territory love and know how to work. Today we are doing everything to make life in the region even more comfortable and comfortable. I am confident that together we will achieve our goals.

Dear friends! I sincerely wish you all success, the implementation of your plans and new achievements!”


The region is developing

The average monthly salary in the Altai Territory has increased by more than 10,000 rubles over the past five years. If in 2017 the average salary in the region was 22,743 rubles, then by the end of 2021 it is already 33,872 rubles.

We are talking about the nominal accrued salary – that is, before taxes.

Incomes of the population for five years in the Altai Territory “grew up” by 7.4%. At the end of 2021, the average monthly income in the Altai Territory amounted to 25,683 rubles.

The only year when incomes did not grow was the “covid” 2020. Then the indicator rolled back by 0.3%. But a year later, the average monthly income increased by 7.4% – a record value over the past five years.

The Industrial Production Index is a measure of how much output is growing. Here, the Altai Territory, even in 2020, grew by 1.1%. At the end of 2021, the industrial production index again turned out to be positive and amounted to 102.2%.

Today, absolutely every aircraft tire marked “Made in Russia” is made in the Altai Territory. In addition, the region produces more than half of the steam boilers and woodworking machines in the country.

The volume of shipped products in 2021 amounted to a record 578.1 billion rubles.

Gross regional product (GRP) is another important economic indicator that measures the production of all goods and services. Here, the Altai Territory grows every year: if in 2017 the GRP amounted to 545.3 billion rubles, then in 2020 it is already 671.6 billion.

According to estimates, the gross regional product in 2021 exceeded last year’s figure by more than 100 billion rubles and amounted to 772.6 billion rubles.

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