“We need to liberate the entire territory of the LNR”

Ambassador of the LPR in Russia Rodion Miroshnik stated that the military during the special operation should liberate all the territories that belong to the republic according to its constitution.

He stressed that the nearby lands in the interests of national security can be controlled by the LPR fighters and temporary administrations.

“But the task is precisely to ensure security on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic,” Miroshnik said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the ambassador reported that the fighters of the LPR, together with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, took control of the administration building of the city of Popasnaya. In addition, according to him, a whole brigade of Ukrainian troops left their positions in Lisichansk.

As Miroshnik explained, the fighting for Lisichansk and neighboring Severodonetsk continues. He added that allied forces The LPR and the Russian Federation established control over the settlement of Nizhnee.

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