We need to cancel the decree “On partial mobilization”

Lawyer Vladimir Trignin in an interview with Pravda.Ru, he explained whether a separate decree of the President of the Russian Federation is required to complete the partial mobilization in Russia.

Vladimir Trignin, chairman of the Military Collegium of Advocates, believes that it is too early to talk about the completion of mobilization in Russia.

“We can talk about the suspension of mobilization. Why? Because, among other things, according to presidential decree No. 647, servicemen who do military service under a contract continue to do military service until the end of mobilization,” the expert explained.

The lawyer noted that until the decree is canceled, the servicemen are actually serving.

“In order to say that the mobilization is completed, we need the abolition of the decree “On partial mobilization.” Until the decree is canceled, it is premature to talk about completion,” the expert noted.

Trignin explained that the decree “On partial mobilization” continues to operate, but in different regions of the Russian Federation the situation is different.

“Another question is what does not work in some regions. For example, in the Tula region it still continues to work. In St. Petersburg, the mobilization commission continues to work. In Moscow it does not work, in the Moscow region it also does not work. But in fact the decree continues to operate” – said the chairman of the Military Bar Association.

Former Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu reported Vladimir Putin about completion partial mobilization activities.

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