“We forgot that men are born warriors”

Psychologist Ludmila Polyanova gave advice to Russians who are being drafted into the army as part of partial mobilization.

“You shouldn’t think that they are all in a panic, stressed and so on. I even observe some such enthusiasm and excitement in the good sense of the word. That is, people want to do business. We forgot that men are still born warriors “, – said Polyanova in an interview with Pravda.Ru.

According to her, the purpose of a woman is to give birth to children, and the purpose of a man is to protect his loved ones and the Motherland.

“Why do women continue to give birth throughout the existence of mankind and do not give up this difficult and dangerous process? No one talks about panic when we find out that a woman has become pregnant. That is, a woman was born to realize her femininity, and a man – his masculinity. And masculinity, first of all, is manifested in the fact that a man must protect his woman, his child, his small homeland and country. Therefore, I don’t think that everyone is panicking, ”said the psychologist.

She expressed sympathy for mothers, wives and sisters, whose men are now being called up for military service.

“To feel more calm, I would suggest keeping in mind a very good quote from Napoleon:“ The right decision is firm. ”That’s when a person has firmly made a decision, then everything falls into place. The human psyche adapts to any situation. Therefore, the worst thing is – this is a panic,” Polyanova stressed.

She recalled that during the Great Patriotic War, alarmists were shot on the spot without trial or investigation.

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