We can show every Russian journalist where and when he lied

Thousands of debunked fakes have turned into an evidence base, and every Russian journalist can be shown evidence of where and when he lied.

Ruslan Deynichenko, executive director of StopFake, said this at the Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center, Ukrinform reports.

“Just like since 2014, the Russians are still producing fakes, but StopFake monitors the information. The people who spawned these fakes, who created the information propaganda machine, should finally be held accountable for the fact that they have incited hatred for almost decades. This is the same war crime. We have refuted many thousands of fakes, but now they have already turned into an evidence base, and we can show evidence to every Russian journalist where and when he lied,” Deinichenko said.

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He expressed confidence that the day will come when investigators will be able to use this information, and it will be in real courts against real defendants.

“We are not just collecting fakes and denials now, our organization labels these fakes. When someone enters information on Facebook, they get a message that it’s not true. Unlike those who remove fakes, we are working to ensure that this is preserved, this is an evidence base. Every month we tag millions of posts, and these people will find out that their information is not true and why it is not true. This is one of the reasons why in Russia Facebook is not just banned, but called extremist,” explained the director of StopFake.

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According to him, the efforts of our journalistic environment are approaching the day when all those who produced lies will receive a fair punishment for their propaganda deeds.

As reported, Russia has lost its potential in the religious, cultural and media field, cannot offer a vision of the future, therefore it is losing in the information war.

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