“We Are Together”: our volunteers are at the awards in Moscow

112 best initiatives from 47 regions of the country made it to the final.  Photo: Prize press service

112 best initiatives from 47 regions of the country made it to the final. Photo: Prize press service

On June 27, the acceptance of applications for participation in the International Award #MYVMESTE began. The Russian authorities, through such a large-scale event, decided to support volunteers who gathered and organized entire teams to help the residents of Donbass and the liberated territories of Ukraine. Throughout the year, members of the movement responded to any requests, formed humanitarian missions, and even launched the Dobro.Mutually mutual assistance service. Therefore, it was decided to establish a new special award nomination – “#WE ARE TOGETHER with Donbas”, among the audience of which were young residents of the Zaporozhye region.

For example, 17-year-old Elizaveta Glebova went to Moscow for the finals of the forum. Together with her like-minded people, she went to the capital for several days, took master classes and was at a dozen interesting meetings. She managed to visit the forum and look at the award from the outside. But next year she plans to take part and reach the final.

Elizabeth Glebova.

Elizabeth Glebova.

– Although I did not participate in the award, it was a valuable experience. Good friendly atmosphere and many new discoveries. And also a charge of motivation and understanding that I didn’t do everything in vain! I would like to help people even more, to involve my friends and acquaintances in my volunteer circles and to make more new discoveries,” the participant said.

In ordinary life, Elizabeth is engaged in volunteering among veterans, and also provides assistance to refugees.

On December 5, the final was held, which every participant of the forum was waiting for. The main award was traditionally presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Since young people from the Zaporizhia region have not yet entered the ranks of the award participants, but were only among the spectators, other guys were lucky enough to become winners. But during the #MYVMESE time they got not just a good time, but also a lot of useful workshops, a lot of new acquaintances and motivation.

Our guys went there last week. Everything went great, everyone was happy. Besides, we’ve never had anything like it before. For young people, it can be said, all the ways of acquaintances, opportunities and exchange of experience were closed. Thanks to the organizers for organizing such wonderful events. We will strive for them, next year the guys will definitely become participants and finalists, – the press service of the Ministry of Youth Policy of the Zaporozhye region noted.

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