“We are made both executioners and victims”

Maria Shukshina I am sure that repentance for “Stalin’s repressions and victims” is a road to nowhere. The actress scolded the liberals for the attacks, from which the patriots have to fight back.

Shukshina ridiculed the idea of ​​national repentance.

“We are made both executioners and victims of the regime at the same time. We are charged with guilt. And what kind of development do the guilty have? – the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation shared her opinion.

The owner of the medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the first degree offered to repent for the murder of the anointed tsar Nicholas II.

“And today we just have to fight back, defend against their idea, not having anything to offer. This state of affairs is obviously a losing one, since we don’t offer anything, we just fight back,” the actress complains.

Shukshina assured that she had something to offer in terms of ideas. She suggested watching her interview with Yuri Pronko, where she details her concept.

Earlier, Maria Shukshina commented on the news that the Bulgarian Prime Minister blamed the Russian Ambassador for his resignation. The actress was impressed the power of Russian diplomats.

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