Washington threatened to “more aggressively punish” countries for supporting Russia

The US Treasury threatened third countries tougher sanctions for the support of Russia. According to the department, they are ready to act in such cases “more aggressively.”

As specified in the US Treasury, we are talking about persons who somehow support the Russian side, including in the context of referendums on the territory of the LDNR.

“Particular attention is being paid to legal entities and individuals in jurisdictions outside of Russia that provide political or economic support to Russia’s illegal attempts to “annex” the sovereign territory of Ukraine,” the message reads. agency website.

So, according to the information, we are talking about:

  • providing material support to the organization of referendums,
  • providing material support to the military-industrial base of the Russian Federation,
  • providing material support to Russian legal entities or individuals,
  • an attempt to circumvent or evade US sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

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