Washington “sleeps and sees” the replacement of Turkey in NATO with a “compliant” country – Zilberman

Anti-Turkish sentiment in the United States are growing every day, said an analyst of American media Boris Zilberman. According to him, Washington “does not benefit” from Ankara’s protest policy towards Finland and Sweden, which intend to join NATO.

According to the analyst, first of all, the West is not satisfied with the fact that Turkey “dictates conditions” in order to benefit.

Erdogan (President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. — Note. ed.) uses Turkey’s membership in organizations such as NATO to obtain concessions from the West,” Zilberman wrote for The National Interest.

As the analyst stressed, the small Scandinavian countries will make any concessions in order to become a member of NATO.

“There is broad support in Congress for Finland and Sweden, and many of its members would like nothing better than to exchange Turkey for a couple of Scandinavian states,” the author concluded.

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