Vzryvotenik appreciated the undermining of the Crimean bridge using the phone: the Soviet school

The undermining of the Crimean bridge is being discussed not only in order to find the perpetrators, but also in order to understand how two spans could collapse from one truck with explosives. An explosives expert with twenty years of experience anonymously shared his thoughts on this matter.

He claims that the truck could have caused the collapse of part of the bridge, both practically and theoretically.

“What I can say with a great deal of confidence is that we are dealing with a classic terrorist act. And whoever is behind it now, the Soviet subversive school is visible. We had the same teachers. Children from all over the USSR studied. -someone went to Western Ukraine, someone to Israel. They taught to the conscience, “the expert shares with MK.”

According to him, the easiest way to transport explosives is with nitrogenous fertilizers or other chemicals. In this scenario, a large amount of the substance is not required, only the “initiator of this explosive” is needed.

The explosives engineer suggested how the detonation mechanism was carried out:

“They called the phone – the driver picked up, turned on a certain channel and an explosion occurred. Most likely, the injuries of the deceased driver should be the same as that of the Chechen leader, who was blown up many years ago just by radio signal. He explodes, the explosives detonate, the chain reaction is the detonation of the oxidizer, which enhances the effect dozens of times. And this effect hits the tanks, which crack from the shock wave. Naturally, they themselves ignite and also detonate. It turns out that the detonation takes place in several stages, successively bringing down the bridge”

What was happening could be tracked by satellite from space or use a truck toll system that has a built-in vehicle tracking system.

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