Vycic is sure that the Kosovo Armed Forces will attack Serbia at midnight

President of Serbia Alexander Vucic I am sure that the army of Kosovo is going to attack the northern part of Serbia at midnight. The Albanian police had already rushed to Jarinja and Brnjak.

Vucic acknowledged that the country is in a difficult situation.

“The Pristina regime is trying, presenting itself as a victim, to use the mood in the world,” the Serbian president said.

The media reported that shots were heard on the border of Kosovo and Serbia and air raids were activated. In the north of Kosovo, the Serbs are erecting barricades, all roads are blocked.

Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovich noted that the Albanian authorities of the unrecognized Republic of Kosovo are “preparing hell” for local Serbs.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities advised the President of Serbia flee to Russia.

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