Vyacheslav Volodin – youth: No need to google! Your gadget won’t always be with you

Viacheslav Volodin.  Photo: Yulia Zyryanova/POOL/TASS

Viacheslav Volodin. Photo: Yulia Zyryanova/POOL/TASS

People’s representatives should not be afraid to talk to the people. Especially with its most ruffy part – the youth. And here Viacheslav Volodin (who generally loves the principle: “if you set the rules, start with yourself”) again showed class. On Friday evening, the Chairman of the State Duma spoke at the Territory of Meanings youth forum.

He was listened to by six hundred people from all federal districts of Russia. Their age is 25-30 years. In general, those who will sit on Okhotny Ryad or in the White House somewhere by the middle of the 21st century. Or maybe even earlier.

And from the very first words, Volodin went on the offensive:

– You were dressed in different T-shirts – dividing politicians and managers. But in fact, both of them serve the people! the speaker set the pace.

And then he recalled the lessons of history, when the lack of parliamentary dialogue led to the collapse of the country:

— 1917. The Fourth State Duma of the Russian Empire was dissolved, a revolution took place in the country; those who represented different parties could not agree. The result is tragic: millions of victims, there was no state. Then, when we talk about the Soviet period, essentially the same thing happened: the Supreme Council could not agree on the future of the country. The betrayal of the elites predetermined the outcome – the USSR collapsed. Only after Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin became president, having managed to unite both the left and the right in the agenda of the development of the state, politicians began to think less about themselves and more about the people, Volodin said.

And, without slowing down, he suggested that the future leaders remember when the Law on Political Parties of the Russian Federation was adopted. Young people, naturally, reached out to Wikipedia … But Volodin shook his finger:

– No need to google! Your gadget buddy won’t be around one day – what will you do?

And he answered: this law was adopted in 2001. So now, even if the parliamentary party is in opposition, its deputies still receive part of the Duma committees in control along with the party in power.

In general, the goal of the “Territory of Meanings” is to transfer experience from mature managers to young ones. What did Vyacheslav Viktorovich do:

– We have two extremes: “to the foundation, and then …”, and the other: do nothing – and stagnation. Without responsibility and the desire to take on this burden, development is impossible, the speaker recalled. – If a politician does not like people, he is professionally unsuitable.

And summed it up:

— It is important that such “Territories of Meanings” exist not only in Senezh, but also in every region. There are no young and old managers. There are responsible and irresponsible.

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