Vučić’s death threat letter posted online

Letter demanding recognition of independence as self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo received by the editorial office of the Serbian newspaper Vecherne Novosti.

In case of non-compliance with the demand, the anonymous author threatened to mine a number of objects in Belgrade. According to him, an explosive device has already been installed on every bridge in this city.

“If my demand is not met, all the bridges in Belgrade will fall into the Danube,” the letter says.

In addition, the author emphasized: the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic awaiting reprisals in case of refusal to recognize the independence of Kosovo. He also promised to shoot the Serbian leader and burn down his house in such a scenario.

Formerly an international mission under the auspices of North Atlantic Alliance in the self-proclaimed Kosovo (KFOR) announced NATO’s readiness to intervene in the conflict with a “threat to stability.” The situation in the northern part of the republic remains dangerous and tense.

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