VTsIOM: The number of Russians who are ready to completely abandon the car has more than doubled

The reason for not caring is the health benefits of walking and cycling.

The reason for not caring is the health benefits of walking and cycling.

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Automobile not only is it no longer a luxury, but for many it is not the most preferred means of transportation. This conclusion can be drawn from a recent study VTsIOM, held for World Car Free Day.

Sociologists have calculated that over the past 4 years, the proportion of those who are ready to completely abandon personal transport has more than doubled, according to the VTsIOM website. Basically, these are those who do not have a car in the family. The hand to the steering wheel is not too stretched among the inhabitants of cities with a population of 500-950 thousand people.

However, those who furiously “drown” for their horsepower, and are not going to walk or change to the subway, are still in the majority, though not so overwhelming. These are, first of all, car owners themselves, young people aged 18-24 and residents of million-plus cities. If you ask them: “Well, why do you need this car?”, then most will answer: “I feel so comfortable and comfortable.” Among other reasons, sociologists named the presence of small children in the family (this was mainly indicated by women), travel to work or work related to driving a car. By the way, trips to the country were at the end of the list of arguments for a car.

The survey confirmed the complexity and inconsistency of our Russian character. On the one hand, there are more of those who are ready to give up the car. But on the other hand, the number of those who have bought a four-wheeled friend is also actively growing. And the shelf of those for whom the purchased car became the second and even third in the family arrived 5 times more than, for example, 10 years ago.

It turns out that’s who we are. We buy cars, and then we are perplexed: “Why did we do this?” By the way, such an attitude towards personal transport is also confirmed by the mileage indicators of cars offered for sale. The KP correspondent calculated that on the website, among imported “ten-year-olds” and older, the share of cars that have not passed even 100 thousand km is 12%. That is, they went to them, in fact, only to the country.

Among the reasons forcing them to abandon the use of a car, Russians name the desire to improve the environment, the availability of public transport, and the high cost of maintaining a car. Plus, the health benefits of walking and cycling.

How do Russians feel about their own car?

How Russians relate to a private car.

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World Car Free Day is celebrated on September 22. Motorists and motorcyclists are invited to stop using vehicles on this day. Cities host events that promote walking, cycling, public transport, and the development of opportunities for work and leisure within walking distance. In Moscow, for example, there will be preferential terms for renting bicycles.


2018 and 2022

Willing to give up completely 5; 12

Not ready to be denied or restricted under any circumstances 74; 53

I allow a limit of 20; 23

Difficult to answer 1; 12

Source: VTsIOM

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