Volobuev advised Smolny to exempt WWII veterans from paying utility bills

Chairman of the St. Petersburg Public Organization of Veterans of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies Vasily Volobuev commented on the situation with social support for veterans in the northern capital.

He drew attention to the fact that the financial situation of the elderly under the current regional authorities is unenviable. However, it can be improved with some tweaks. For example, by releasing blockade survivors and veterans of the Great Patriotic War from paying transport fares.

The situation with social security and benefits for veterans in St. Petersburg really leaves much to be desired. Previous Edition petersburg news wrote that blockade survivors and veterans of the Second World War continue to stand in lines for apartments promised by Smolny as part of the housing plan for 2022. The problem is that there are about three thousand veterans of the Great Patriotic War left in the city, and many of them may not have time to receive the housing promised by the authorities due to life circumstances.

In an interview with journalists, the head of the Society of Residents of the Besieged Leningrad of the Kalininsky District Zhanna Kiseleva noted that the 133 million rubles provided for by the Smolny housing program for the resettlement of veterans will come to the court. It is likely that many of them are forced to live in cramped conditions.

“The allocated money will come to the court, because families are growing and what was normal a year or two ago is already becoming cramped and uncomfortable, uncomfortable, especially for older people with our whims, illnesses and so on,” she said.

In this regard, we decided to ask Vasily Volobuev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Public Organization of Veterans of the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, for a comment. He does not know how many veterans now need to improve their living conditions, but he believes that Smolny could improve their situation, if only in terms of paying for housing and communal services.

“I think that if the participants of the Great Patriotic War are exempted from paying housing and communal tariffs, it will be right and great. We have only 2,850 of them left in St. Petersburg,” the social activist added in a conversation with Pravda.Ru.

Other benefits that would make life easier for veterans include providing free travel on all forms of public transport. Despite the patriotic rhetoric of Smolny on the eve of May 9, many beneficiaries in the northern capital can still move around the city for free only on holidays.

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