Volgograd criminals after the announcement of partial mobilization “lay low”

After the announcement in Russia partial mobilizationcrimes, criminal incidents and emergencies are recorded less frequently in Volgograd.

As clarifies newsvolgograda.ruthe number of crimes in all areas, both criminal and domestic, has decreased.

According to psychologist Dina Zinovievathe decline in criminal activity is easily explained: absolutely all people feel confused, worried about partial mobilization and do not know how to behave and what to expect next.

As for potential criminals, they have so far “lay low”, not wanting to once again remind themselves of themselves, since during this period the likelihood of being noticed by the authorities and the police when committing illegal actions increased.

“Another factor is the desire not to ‘shine’, since risky actions increase the likelihood of being noticed by certain authorities. And this can lead to unpredictable consequences in peacetime,” Zinovieva explained.

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