Voenkor Kots said that the village of Torskoye in the Kremennaya area is under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

02.10.2022 16:59

Near Kremennaya the fights don’t stop. Since yesterday, this city has become front-line. War correspondent Alexander Kots reports information from the NVO hot spots.

“In the area of ​​Kreminnaya, the enemy is firing from 155-caliber artillery. Torskoye is now behind the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our artillery is working on positions around it. Such twists of fate when the battery receives coordinates to fire at points where they themselves recently stood,” the military commander writes.

Kots informs that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use Bayraktar drones for reconnaissance, but they are afraid to enter the air defense coverage area.

At this stage, the enemy will try to cut off communications along the Kremennaya-Svatovo highway and move further north, the military commander believes.

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