Vladimir Putin asked the minister not to play the fool and gave him a month. And that’s what

Putin set six tasks for the government for 2023

Putin set six tasks for the government for 2023

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The head of state held his first big meeting with the government this year. Vladimir Putin reminded the ministers of the tasks he set for them last December. In 2022, the president did not address the Federal Assembly with a message, but on the other hand, at the ordinary Council for Strategic Development, an hour listed the scope of work for the next 12 months.

– Six main areas of work for the current year have already been identified, and I would like to just recall some things now, – the president said at the very beginning of the meeting with the government.


1. “Expanding foreign economic relations and building new logistics corridors.”

2. “Achieve noticeable positive results in the development of road and other infrastructure, housing and communal services.”

3. “It is necessary to significantly increase the technological capabilities of the Russian economy, stimulate the opening of new industries and jobs.”

4. “The systemic issue is the strengthening of the financial sovereignty of our country. This is the most important condition for increasing investment in high-tech companies, industry, and agriculture.”

5. “It is necessary to build economic policy measures in such a way that they lead to an increase in real wages and incomes of people, ensure a further reduction in poverty and inequality.”

6. “Particular attention should be paid, of course, to solving acute problems in the field of demography.”


Separately, the president mentioned new regions. They will now be included in the general federal national development projects. For local officials, “performance indicators” will be created – well, so that they not only work, but quite specifically improve life.

Putin generally instructed the authorities to be as clear as possible.

“So that residents know what will be built in their cities and towns, what facilities will be restored and when, how families’ incomes will increase, what assistance they will receive from the state, how kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals and clinics will work,” the head explained. country.


The Deputy Prime Minister was the first to make a major report after the President Denis Manturov. He spoke about plans to revive the aviation industry and shipbuilding. Until 2030, 700 new aircraft and helicopters will be built! 260 civilian ships.

It would seem that such an optimistic story is prepared. But Putin did not like him.

– Until-long-oh! – stretching the word retorted the head of the country. – Too long! Enterprises must understand the prospects of the order, hire people, expand production. There is no order even for 2023.

And here one could see a rare spectacle for official broadcasts: the minister arguing with the president.

– In fact, all enterprises have orders. Russian Helicopters (state holding – Ed.) took out a loan to launch all the cooperation, Manturov began to answer.

– Denis …, – the president tried to interrupt him.

– Powers are made up! – confidently declared official.

– Draft, but no contracts! What are you, really, playing the fool? Well, what are we going to dive? I know that there are no contracts – directors of enterprises tell me! And you’ve got it all! – the head of the country said with displeasure. – When will the contracts be?

– During the quarter…

– To have everything done within a month.

– We will try…

– We will not try, but do it within a month, – the President commanded.


Subsequent reports were not so lively. Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin reported that 101 million square meters of housing had been built last year. This is an absolute construction record – even in Soviet times, so many were commissioned in a year.

The head of the Ministry of Economy Maxim Reshetnikov said that at the end of last year, inflation was below 12%. Although after the start of the military operation they predicted much more.

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