Vitamins and healthy sleep will help overcome autumn fatigue – doctor Gorina

A varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals, an abundance of vitamin D and an established sleep schedule will make it easy to get rid of autumn fatigue, the general practitioner is sure Elena Gorina.

In the fall, the time for seasonal fruits and vegetables ends, and therefore people begin to consume more fatty and high-calorie foods, the physician recalled. The body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin Dresponsible for the operation of various internal systems. In the short autumn days, ultraviolet radiation is not enough to produce the necessary substances, and therefore it is possible to deal with the shortage with the help of drugs.

“In order to bring vitamin D back to normal, it is necessary to take an analysis and get doctor’s recommendations on the dosage and duration of administration,” Gorina explained in an interview with the publication. RT.

Also, with a constant feeling of fatigue, according to the doctor, compliance with the sleep regimen will help to cope. If these simple rules do not give a tangible result, the physician noted, you should consult a doctor.

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