Vitaly Korotich: Americans will not be mobilized into the Russian army

Former editor-in-chief of the Ogonyok magazine Vitaly Korotich

Former editor-in-chief of the Ogonyok magazine Vitaly Korotich

A photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

On Wednesday, September 28, the US Embassy in Moscow urged American citizens refrain from traveling to Russia, and those who are already in the country to leave it immediately, the US diplomatic mission said in a statement.

The US Embassy issued a similar warning back in February, after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, and has not changed the recommendation since then. The mobilization that began in Russia is cited as the reason. The message of the diplomatic mission states that Russia “may refuse to accept (taking into account. – A.G.) dual Russian-American citizenship and call those who have it into military service.”

… – Americans all the time diversify the manifestation of their hostility towards Russia, and this is another step in the same direction, – believes well-known journalist and public figure Vitaly Korotich. – Bad move, bad move.

Come on, guys, scatter wherever you can – this is an appeal by US diplomats to their citizens in Russia, who will allegedly be taken to serve in the Russian army.

Well, they won’t take American citizens into the army here in Russia.

Of course, I would venture to suggest that this could only be if they had served before and were only citizens of Russia before and now they have dual citizenship, Russian and American. And that is hardly an option.

As far as I understand, now they take, first of all, those who have already served.

Well, let’s see…

And, in general, the Americans cut off the flights of all their aircraft. Today, flying from Russia to the United States is a huge problem, you have to fly with transfers and God knows what.

All this – in order to create some kind of appearance of panic, confusion.

You know what, I’m now looking at how the US leaders are behaving … Well, bad

the behavior of President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken, who mainly talk about how they will now punish Russia. Then, when necessary – how to negotiate.

I remember that shortly before the departure of Gromyko, our long-term Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union, and then Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, I talked with him about the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I told him – how could you work at that time, did you understand that the war was about to begin?

And he replies – stop …

– Gromyko was then the USSR ambassador to the United States, am I right?

– Yes, and then – the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

So, he says, stop it. All leaders are politically responsible and quite influential people, and they are well aware that there can be no direct war between the great powers.

There is a propaganda layer, there is a hype. But every day, Gromyko told me, I was in the White House, talking with President Kennedy, with other US leaders, and we were thinking how to get out of this situation.

And agreed. And the Americans limited their missiles in Turkey, and the Soviet Union removed theirs – from Cuba, or rather, did not take them there. And everything was fine.

That is, the desire to agree – it should dominate. Today, the Americans have no such desire.

– Unfortunately yes. But when was the last time such calls were made by the US diplomatic mission that, like, immediately leave the “foreign country”, return to the States ….

– All the time it is present. All time. There is such a thing, if there is any mess … So far, these messages have concerned Asian countries.

– Do you remember when in Russia?

– To be honest, I can’t remember and, in general, it doesn’t need to be remembered, No, at least it wasn’t in my memory,

But, if this happened, then, most often, without such public tantrums, without announcement. But now similar indecent public tantrums have already become fashionable.

– Tell me, what do your colleagues, maybe comrades-in-arms who remained in the States, say about this? Do you correspond with them?

– They tell me, basically, in this way – oh, when will we see you next time? Well, if everything goes well. Although, they no longer believe that there may be a situation in which it will be possible to normally visit each other.

– But with the Americans or with those people who have dual citizenship, do you communicate with anyone here in Moscow?

– With dual citizenship – with no one.

You know, when I lived in the USA, I myself could have it. But I refused and I think that a person of one citizenship is quite enough.

Moreover, American citizenship imposes certain obligations on you. We must raise our right hand and say – I swear that henceforth all my actions will be guided by the interests of the United States of America. And I swear that I renounce all obligations in the country of my previous citizenship.

And after that, to live in Russia, renouncing all obligations in relation to it and swearing that you will do everything only in the interests of the United States, well, what kind of life is this? What is dual citizenship?

Well, as for the US citizens living here, with us …

If they want to run, well, let them run.

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