Virologist announced the readiness of the Russian Federation for a new surge of COVID-19

Russia has a good Sputnik V vaccine, so the country is ready for a new surge of coronavirus infection. This was announced by Professor of the Department of Virology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University Alexey Agranovskycommenting in an interview with Pravda.Ru on the statement of the President of the United States Joe Biden about the world colliding with new pandemic.

According to the expert, there is nothing new and concrete in the American leader’s statement. The virologist explained that COVID-19, as an informational occasion, is gradually leaving the public consciousness, because people cannot be afraid of the same thing for a long time.

“A new strain with unpleasant properties may or may not appear. We have a good Sputnik vaccine, so we are not defenseless against a new surge of coronavirus. However, I would like a greater level of public confidence in medical services and authorities, skepticism and denial of problems always go to the detriment of society,” Agranovsky said.

Earlier, Biden said that the States should already begin preparing for a new pandemic that “the whole world will face.” He stressed that the US will need “more money” to keep the healthcare system running smoothly.

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