Viktor Sukhorukov on Russophobia: The word “Russian-speaking” is insulting

Star of the film “Brother” and “Brother-2” Viktor Sukhorukov explained why he does not consider Russians a nation.

People’s Artist of Russia assured that he is not offended when citizens of the Russian Federation are called “Rusnya”.

Earlier it was reported that in Georgia from a bus expelled the Russians for the words: “Glory to Russia!”

“It doesn’t offend me! And what a beautiful word. Rusnya. It sounds interesting. It should be treated like a sound, like a musical arrangement for me. They shout – we are a nation, and Russians are an adjective … Everyone has a noun, but we have an adjective,” quotes Sukhorukov.

Sukhorukov made one unusual discovery for himself.

“I understand. We are not a nation. We are civilization. Listen to this word! And hence the designation – Russian Mordvin, Russian Tatar, Russian Jew, Russian African. This is a sign of civilization,” the theater and film actor expressed his opinion.

The 70-year-old artist admitted that his offends the word “Russian-speaking”.

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