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Preobrazhensky District Court of Moscow on Tuesday, August 2, fined journalist and writer Viktor Shenderovich under an administrative article on non-fulfillment of duty “foreign agent”.

“A fine of 10,000 rubles has been imposed. The decision will be appealed. Lawyer Vladimir Voronin reports this from the courtroom,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. head of the human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

The authorities are squeezing out dissidents from Russia

The court found Viktor Shenderovich guilty of the fact that the writer did not indicate the status of a “foreign agent” assigned to him by the state in posts in the author’s Telegram channel.

The Ministry of Justice of Russia included Viktor Shenderovich in the register of media-“foreign agents” in December 2021. The writer then expressed confidence that the authorities were “squeezing” him out of the country. “They make them run away, they make them hide from themselves. They may succeed; it’s not about me in this case, but the fact is that all this is absolutely the worst symptomatology,” he said then.

12 days after he was given the status of “foreign agent”, in January 2022, Shenderovich announced his departure from Russia. The reason for this, according to the writer, was a libel suit filed against him. businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. Shenderovich, according to the statement of claim, in one of the radio broadcasts on Ekho Moskvy called Prigozhin a “criminal” and a “murderer.”

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