Video: they record another robbery at a jewelry store, this time in the historic center of Popayán (Cauca) and in broad daylight

Terrifying moments lived in a jewelry store in the historic center of Popayán (Cauca) that was robbed in broad daylight on Tuesday, January 10.  (Screenshot)
Terrifying moments lived in a jewelry store in the historic center of Popayán (Cauca) that was robbed in broad daylight on Tuesday, January 10. (Screenshot)

For almost two minutes, a group of robbers sowed terror inside a jewelry store that they robbed in the historic center of Popayán (Cauca) around noon on Tuesday, January 10.

The harrowing moments were captured by the security camera of the establishment, whose video went viral on social networks, where it is evident how the men surprise the employees of the place and submit them with the apparent firearms they carried, one of them even long-range.

The group was made up four criminals, of which three violently entered the place and intimidated the workers, while the other remained at the entrance of the place watching with a long gun.

Later, the thieves they proceeded to put everything they found in the safe and in the jewelry cabinets inside briefcasesand in this way they began their flight.

The city authorities reported that the corresponding investigations were initiated to find the assailants, although they did not indicate how much the amount would amount to of what they stole.

“From the moment you met the criminal act, a Specialized Task Force was set up made up of personnel attached to the Criminal Investigation Section (SIJÍN) of the National Police and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation who they took over all the research through the collection of probative material and monitoring of security cameras,” they quoted on the station RCN Radio of the statement published by the Police about the robbery.

Once again, an assault on a jewelry store in Colombia is recorded, this time in the historic center of the capital of Cauca.

It is the third time that a robbery of this type of establishment has been reported in the country, after those that occurred in a high-end watch store in Barranquilla (Atlántico) and another jewelry store in Cartagena (Bolívar), which were perpetrated when December 2022 concluded.

In the robbery in the Atlantic capital, one of the criminals was captured, while another was killed, after being intercepted by the Police when they were fleeing, for which there was an exchange of shots with the authorities.

While in the one that occurred in Cartagena, the gang was detained by the community itself on a road near the warehouse chain in which the establishment was located. In fact, the uniformed prevented them from being lynched when they got to the car.

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