Video: Fire station in Barranquilla now bears the name of Sergeant Javier Solano

As Sergeant Javier Solano they renamed the Barranquilla Fire Station.  (Barranquilla City Hall)
As Sergeant Javier Solano they renamed the Barranquilla Fire Station. (Barranquilla City Hall)

A new and heartfelt tribute was paid to him during the morning of Thursday, January 12 Sergeant Javier Solano, the firefighter who died during the large-scale conflagration that occurred in Barranquilla on December 21, 2022 and that it took them almost 60 hours to completely extinguish the emergency agencies of the Caribbean city.

Many of his colleagues were present at the event, such as the mayor of the capital of Atlántico, Jaime Pumarejo, who published a video of the installation of the commemorative plaque of the rescuer with which it was made official that, from now on, the station where the deceased uniformed man worked for more than 20 years would bear his name.

“It will be called Javier Solano Ruiz, in homage to the brave officer that we lost in the fire registered a few weeks ago on route 40”, trilled the local president.

Pumarejo also recalled, on the same social network, that the member of that emergency body died as a first responder when a fuel storage tank conflagration started.

“The heroism of Sergeant Javier Solano was immortalized. Few know that he offered his life for that of his companions so that they would continue to fight the flames. We will work so that this body has more tools to continue honoring his legacy.”he added.

And it is that This incident was engraved in the memory of the inhabitants of the Caribbean city since it caused serious restrictions during the two and a half days it took them to contain the flames in two tanks that were located on the city pier, at the height of Vía 40 with calle 85. The relief organizations they worked to prevent the flames from spreading to two additional tanks.

With the presence of the mayor of the Atlanticense capital, Jaime Pumarejo, they paid a heartfelt tribute to the uniformed man who died in the large-scale fire that occurred in that city on December 21.

To completely extinguish it, 40 men from its fire department participated, plus volunteer firefighters from the metropolitan area and other municipalities in the department of Atlántico. Men from the National Navy, the Metropolitan Police, Ecopetrol experts, hydrocarbon specialist engineers and members of the APELL network also worked.

Also, yese had technical support from the Air Force, machines from the Ernesto Cortissoz international airport, a fire engine from the Santa Marta airport and personnel of the Civil Aeronautics.

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