Vera Brezhneva broke the silence after reports of a divorce from Meladze: “So much pain”

Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhneva

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Vera Brezhneva spoke out for the first time after reports of a divorce from Konstantin Meladze. The singer, who moved to Italy a few months ago, shared her experiences.

Vera Brezhneva after escaping from Russia, he rarely gets in touch with fans. And recently, the singer nevertheless decided to tell what is happening to her.

“Everything has changed around me, continues to change inside. It’s unusual to look at yourself. Because everything familiar is in the past“, – said the artist.

Life blondes from “VIA Gra” now it has really changed. A few years ago, the performer did not have a free minute due to a busy tour schedule, but her loving and beloved husband Konstantin Meladze was always there.

Now Vera does not appear in public, but they don’t talk about her personal life. It got to the point where gossipers reported Brezhnev’s divorce. There were even suggestions that the discord in the family happened due to the fact that Meladze moved to Italy not only three children from his first marriage, but also his ex-wife Yana Summ. Say, the composer settled the woman and offspring in a villa in Forte dei Marmi.

Vera did not comment on the arrival of her rival. But the blonde’s revelations about global changes in life frightened the public. She noted that she tries to keep love inside, despite the pain.

“We are all going through a difficult period now. Now I am not the same as I was just two months ago. That amount of pain can’t help but change a person. But I try to carefully, gently and reverently protect the love that is inside me. Love, kindness and light,” the singer added.

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