Venezuelan military destroy illegal landing strips in mining area

Caracas, Dec. 10. The Venezuelan military destroyed illegal landing strips in the Canaima National Park, an area rich in minerals and bordering Brazil, reported this Saturday the operational strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez.

The uniformed officers are deployed in this Amazon region “disabling the clandestine tracks used by illegal mining traffickers,” with which criminal organizations intend to “outwit authority” and advance “in environmental depredation,” the commander said via Twitter.

This is a security operation that was reinforced at the end of October in the Bolívar state (south) against illegal mining, human trafficking and drug trafficking, which has led to the arrests of civilians and the destruction of illegal fields for the extraction of wealth, according to complaints from various NGOs.

Hernández Lárez also reported the arrest of “urban miners who dismantle the collective assets of the communities”, although he did not specify the number of tracks destroyed in the last hours or the number of people who were arrested for these events.

In addition, in the oil state of Zulia (west, bordering Colombia), the military located and destroyed 1,200 liters of aircraft fuel that, the authorities presume, was used by “tancol” groups, an acronym invented by the government that does not refer to no specific band and which means “Colombian drug-trafficking armed terrorists”.

According to the FANB, dozens of illegal airstrips have been destroyed by the military this year, mostly in border states, for being associated with illegal activities. EFE


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