Valery Fadeev: HRC will not support deviators

The head of the Human Rights Council explained on Radio KP what rights the mobilized have

The head of the Human Rights Council explained on Radio KP what rights the mobilized have

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

– Valery Alexandrovich, please tell me who is subject and who is not subject to partial mobilization? I mean certain social groups or civilian specialties: students, whom Putin and Shoigu spoke about, businessmen, large families …

– I don’t work in the General Staff, so I can’t answer exactly and specifically, but from general considerations: since mobilization is called partial, first of all those men who have the specialties now needed for combat operations, for work in the rear, for work behind the front line. It is necessary to proceed from this, and not from social groups. My specialty is the operator of the combat crew launching strategic missiles. I think they can do without me. Plus, I’m in my 60s.

I served in the rocket troops in the 80s. Probably, people like me are not needed. And other specialties, and the list of such specialties, apparently, has already been prepared, and based on this list, men will be called up. It seems to me that there should be such logic here. What does social group mean? We call on workers and collective farmers, but no intelligentsia? It’s not obvious.

– And about payments and compensations – how does it change in these conditions? Money is the most powerful stimulus, in fact, one of the main ones … so, how will the situation change here?

– There is the experience of regions where whole battalions were made up of volunteers. So I was recently in Bashkiria, and they told me about it there. And, of course, contracts have been concluded with these people, and very decent rewards are provided for under these contracts. Since the presidential decree says that all mobilized people will conclude contracts, I assume that in the near future the newly mobilized people will follow the same scheme as it is happening now. It’s not like, excuse me, in 1941, here all the same rewards are provided. And the families of those who will be mobilized will not be left without money.

– Valery Alexandrovich, I can’t help but ask – a person does not want to go to war for various reasons, but he is called – will the Human Rights Council help such people?

– I’m not sure that I’m ready to answer your question positively. Because it’s all very dramatic. And a very serious war is being waged against us. You see, when they say – ah, ah, we attacked Ukraine – it’s not true. We just need to remember this story – the expansion of NATO, our endless attempts at negotiations. This is a cruel, unprecedented pressure after the Second World War, which is being exerted on our country. And now it is already quite obvious: huge deliveries of weapons to the Ukrainian army, intelligence found out that 150 NATO specialists work in the Ukrainian army and actually organize its actions, thousands of mercenaries – well, what is there to talk about now? Regular NATO units have just not entered the Ukrainian theater of operations, you understand. There is a huge force against us. You have to be aware of this. Yes, it’s very tragic. But it is so. Life consists not only of joys, it consists of difficult periods too. We are currently living in this difficult period. We must pull ourselves together and be adequate to this historical moment.

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