Valeria, Janick, Alessia and more Peruvians who had problems when they participated in Miss Universe

Janick Maceta, Valeria Piazza and Alessia Rovegno.
Janick Maceta, Valeria Piazza and Alessia Rovegno.

Alessia Rovegno is in the Miss Universe 2022. The Peruvian representative is emerging as one of the favorites to take the crown and become the next sovereign of beauty. Despite the fact that she dazzled at the preliminary gala, it was known that she had some difficulties during her catwalks.

But, this is not the only time that a national participant experiences a difficult moment in this international competition. Janick Pot, Valeria Piazza and more also had some obstacles in their presentation, but they continued to dazzle.

The Miss Peru Universe 2016 He entered the contest as one of the favourites. Even after her personal interview, Jessica Newton commented that she had good references from her because she had been the one who responded best of all the candidates.

But, the candidate made a mistake on the catwalk that cost her her place in the final. It all happened when Valeria was classified for the top 13 and she had to do a parade in a bathing suit. Over there, Valeria Piazza he wore a wardrobe in blue tones and on it a yellow sarong that had to be removed at the time of his catwalk. This mistake cost him immediate elimination, leaving behind the dream of bringing the crown.

But that was not the only thing that happened. That ceremony was held in the Philippines, a country to which the representative traveled carrying each of the costumes that she was going to wear. But, in one of her transshipments, the wings of her typical dress were ‘lost’, which would leave her at a disadvantage. Happily, hours later, the missing luggage turned up and she was able to race with everything in order.

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Valeria Piazza at Miss Universe 2016.
Valeria Piazza at Miss Universe 2016.

In recent years, Janick Pot She is the Peruvian candidate who has come the furthest. Miss Peru 2020 managed to consecrate herself as the second finalist of the beauty pageant, but although her safety stood out on stage, behind him she lived an odyssey that she recounted days later.

After her participation, the model contacted the now-defunct “Women in Command” program and recounted some inconveniences she experienced. janick She revealed that preparing for the gala dress catwalk was very complicated because she asked for help, but she had no one to help her get dressed.

“I was about to change. There was no one to help me put on my dress, there was no one to help me put on my shoes; I asked for help, really, and no one approached me, ”she said. However, Miss Colombia and Miss Mexico were the first to give her a hand to put on her dress.

Finally, she was able to get dressed, but she couldn’t get the hairstyle she needed and only appeared with one. “Different colleagues began to help me. I went out with the shoulder pads even hitting them, running, with the bow in my hand so they could put it together, and they couldn’t put it together. I dated a schoolgirl as a high school girl.”sentenced.

Janick Pot in Miss Universe 2020.
Janick Pot in Miss Universe 2020.

Alessia Rovegno made his first official appearance on Wednesday, January 11, in the preliminary of the miss Universe 2022. The model dazzled with her evening dress and swimsuit; However, many netizens noticed something different about the typical outfit that she wore that night.

The wardrobe created by Beto Pinedo and inspired by the sunrise, it had wings that should open on their own, but the Peruvian had to open it with her own arms. It was then that Alessia confirmed, through her social networks, that she brought her everything.

“Everything that happens in the show… you only see what is outside, but inside the show so many things happen, there is a lot of movement. It’s all very nice and fun, but unexpected things can happen to you. Everything happened to me my wings broke and we were running around, but I loved the typical costume. Beto Pinedo did it, it is spectacular, ”he confessed in a live broadcast. On the other hand, it was learned that he would have used shoes that were not what he had rehearsed with, which would have generated some discomfort when walking. Despite this, he went ahead and gave his best.

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Alessia Rovegno paraded in typical dress | Youtube

The Miss Peru 2009 He arrived at the contest with a controversy against his typical costume. karen schwarz she was preparing for the most important beauty competition and showed the typical dress that she would wear to the gala, the same one that was designed by Ricardo Dávila. The costumes were inspired by the diablada, a dance from Puno, in addition to wearing an embroidery of Lake Titicaca.

Immediately, authorities from La Paz, Bolivia released a statement stating that it was an improper appropriation of their assets. Even the then Minister of Culture pointed out that the costumes represented the diablada, a dance from Bolivia or not from Peru. Despite this, the Peruvian continued with her clothing.

Karen Schwarz, Miss Peru 2009, in typical dress.
Karen Schwarz, Miss Peru 2009, in typical dress.


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