Vaikule spoke about the attitude towards Russians in the Baltic countries

Singer Laima Vaikule told how Russians are actually treated in the Baltic countries.

The performer of the hit “On Piccadilly Street” explained that the citizens of the Baltic States are not characterized by Russophobia.

Vaikule noted that the “dislike” for Russians in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia is greatly exaggerated. The Latvian artist described real relations among the peoples of the former USSR as friendly.

“Russians are treated absolutely well. The same as Latvians. I’m sure of it. I don’t know where it came from that Russians are treated badly,” Vaikule said in an interview with a blogger Irina Shikhman.

Earlier it was reported that Laima Vaikule called Margarita Simonyan “handshake”after the journalist’s attacks on Maxim Galkin.

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