Vaikule, galloping with the Ukrainian flag, has been accumulating hatred for the Russians for many years

Laima Vaikule recalled scandalous statement about Crimea

Laima Vaikule recalled scandalous statement about Crimea

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Russians have always been distinguished by kindness and compassion towards their neighbors. Knowing that the Limes Vaikule recurrence of breast cancer, the singer’s fans began to pray for her speedy healing. Someone even offered to start raising money for treatment. Every day the ranks of sympathizers were replenished. And what was the disappointment of the fans when their favorite spat at them with relish.

The Russians are discussing for the second day galloping with the Ukrainian flag at the ready Laim Vaikule. The people did not expect such a blow. After all, many remember how in 2018 the artist Russian Crimea categorically denied. She declared that she would not go on tour to the peninsula even for the most breathtaking fees.

“It’s time to declare Vaikule persona non grata!”, “We feed her ourselves, and she waters us with slops … Do not buy tickets for her concerts, limit concert activities in time and territory, and when she starts to swell from hunger, then “ will sing” in a different way, “Selling Lyme,” the followers shared their emotions four years ago.

In response then Lyme said that the Russians are animals. Like, they dared to criticize her for her statements about the Crimea.

However, the scandal was hushed up, the singer was forgiven. She even forgot this vile trick. However, as it turned out, she accumulated her hatred for the Russians for years. And now she took it, and spat in the direction of Russia.

Performer of the hit “Vernissage” performed wild dances with the Ukrainian flag on stage. The behavior of Vaikule was considered by many to be a form of betrayal. This time, the mannered blonde is unlikely to be forgiven. “I forgot whose bread I ate!”, “I sat quietly. In old age, the brains apparently shrink and forget who gave them the name!” – the common people are angry.

Laima is Latvian by nationality. His attitude to rumors about Russophobia closest friend of Alla Pugacheva expressed three years ago in an interview with Irina Shikhman in the YouTube show “What about talking?”. “The Russians are treated absolutely well. The same as the Latvians. I’m sure of it. I don’t know where it came from that the Russians are treated badly,” Vaikule noted then.

Now these words of the vocalist have surfaced again against the backdrop of all the events taking place. Apparently, she forgot about the passports of non-citizens with a note, as well as the fact that non-Latvians are forbidden to vote and hold public office.

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