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Today (Thursday) it will expect a clear and partly cloudy sky. Just to show up, when the clouds are temporarily increased, light can occasionally appear. The highest temperatures reach 26 and 30 degrees, in the lower Polab and Pooh occasionally and 32, in 1,000 meters in the mountains around 21 degrees, in the Jesenice and Beskydy around 18.

At night on a bird meteorologists secretly with clear sky. The lowest temperatures drop to 12 degrees Celsius. The wind will be slightly south-eastern and inlet winds 2 and 5 meters per second, which will intensify to the east in the Eskomoravian Highlands.

V bird dog day it will be clear. From the southwest there will be more clouds. In the afternoon, there will be light or storms on the back of the Czech lands. Even in the Czech Republic and in the Eskomoravian Highlands, there are occasional very strong storms accompanied by pale slags with plows around 70 millimeters.

To the northeast the earth will be cloudy and evening, without sickle. The highest temperatures climb to 27 and 31 degrees. A mild southeast wind will blow at speeds of about 3 and 7 meters per second, cities with blows around 15 meters per second. In the evening, all of them will be declining and in the storms.

During the terrain, the ground will be subjected to a brake of low air pressure coupled with a pressure n over the British Isles. In these brakes will advance the dog to the ground cold front, which will bring to the rest of the country, with the exception of the northeast, pebbles, rain, cities and storms.

On Saturday it will be cloudy and cloudy, revenge d pky, pehky or even bouky. Later in the afternoon and evening, the clouds and rush will diminish. Not only non temperatures will be between 18 and 14 degrees Celsius. The highest daily temperatures are around 21 and 25 degrees, when the clouds change to 28. There will be a slight downward and north-westerly wind of 2 and 6 meters per second, and Moravia and Silesia will show wind. The wind in the storms infantry.

On Sunday according to HM’s predictions, it should be clear and partly cloudy again, during the day, when the clouds are increased, only occasional climbs or huts, especially in mountainous areas. Not only non temperatures will fluctuate between 17 and 13 degrees. The highest daily temperatures reach over 30 degrees Celsius.

In Monday It will be clear and partly cloudy. Not only non-temperatures will drop revenge and 13 degrees. The highest daily temperatures will be 29 and 33 degrees Celsius.

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