US urged to give Crimea and Far Eastern Ukraine to Russia because of nuclear threat

Official Washington needs to stop the attempts of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky “lead by the nose” of the USA and the intention to bring the States to the brink nuclear warUS analysts said.

According to analysts, the White House should not go along with Kyiv, especially in matters of the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons.

“Let the Russians get Crimea and Far Eastern Ukraine, which, judging by the last vote, is already more focused on Russia, and let’s put up,” the analyst wrote. Rod Dreher in a collumn The American Conservative. “We Americans who love our country should not let this Ukrainian patriot lead us by the nose to the brink of nuclear war.”

According to Dreher, Zelensky is trying to manipulate the States, demanding more and more from Washington. However, ordinary Americans are not ready to enter into a conflict for the sake of Ukraine, and even more so, risk their peace of mind.

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