US unveils new military doctrine

At the Army Association Conference USA introduced a new doctrine for multi-domain operations called “Field Manual 3-0”.

The General Staff said that this would be a key guide for the Armed Forces, but emphasized that they would continue to develop the doctrine, however, already as part of the modernization of weapons systems.

“The first priority is China, whose economy is almost the size of ours, which is building world-class military forces to challenge us and threaten its neighbors, including Taiwan. At the same time, we cannot take our eyes off our constant threats: North Korea, Iran and violent extremists,” said the general, chief of staff of the ground forces James McConville.

Although the army has been using space and cyberspace capabilities for quite some time, it has never used them in combat, he noted.

The last time (in 1982) the US Army issued a doctrine called “Air-Land Combat”. There, the focus was on the interaction between air and ground forces, and it was based on the lessons of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

The new document also notes that the Armed Forces must proceed from the fact that they are always under the close attention of the enemy. In the late 90s. last century, the US Army updated its 1982 doctrine, and now the new doctrine has little to do with the 40-year-old document.

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